Kindergarten Routines for Your Classroom  
These routines are great to do all year and really build your student's number sense abilities.  The four main routines from Investigations Series focuses on:
  •   Attendance
  •   Counting jar
  •   Calendar
  •   Today’s question
 These routines are so important and need to continue all year long. Even if you do not use Investigations math, these routines would be good in any classroom. During the early months of school each one needs to be done frequently, as the year progress focus on digging deeper and getting the kids to do a lot of applying of the data. Some teachers continue all the routines everyday and some focus on one per week. Other teachers use the “classroom routine” section at the beginning of each lesson. Whatever you choose to do will be great…just don’t let a routine “disappear” from your room for too long! Be sure to check out the link below for an printable overview and student sheets that
support routines! 

Click the picture below to visit my page with all the information you need on how to get routines started in your classroom.  Be sure once on the site to scroll to the bottom for this overview document seen below:

Take a look at the pictures below of routines in the classroom.  Check out the math slideshow on the blog's main page for many more!



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