Math Workshop/Stations

Math workshop/stations should be an important part of your classroom!  Here are some of my tips for getting them started...


  1.  Find an area in your room to store all the math supplies broken up into tubs.  This will allow for easy access when you need something quick! 

    Click here to get a copy of my labels.  They are printed on Avery labels 8163

  3. Prepare student tool boxes with basic math tools to prevent handing out so many supplies.

Student Rotation:

  1. Decide if you will rotate stations or keep them the same all week with students only visiting one per day.
  2. Look at the picture to see the way I rotated through stations.  The students were in colored groups (red, yellow, green, etc..) and the clothes pins matched those colors.  I did not rotate in kindergarten so students visited one station a day.  
    Click here for posters and matching tub labels.


1.      Be sure to set your rules up front just like reading stations or anything else.
2.      Practice, practice, practice walking through what to do each time.
3.      Set one group leader each week who will retrieve the tub for each group of students. This way only one student is up and you can better see that procedures are being followed. Make sure other students are watching and tell them group leader will be picked based on behavior during station time.
4.      Always put things in stations that the students will be able to do without your help. New material should never be done in stations until it is modeled by you and practiced whole group.
5.      The “Behavior Basket” …really it is torture for the students! One technique used by teachers is this basket which is filled with the left over worksheets from your classroom. These worksheets should be easy to do but take a long time. They are such things as copying over number words, making tally marks, writing numbers, etc… All things the students need to practice but hate to do. Show the students these sheets and explain that if behavior becomes a problem then they will be removed from their group and sent to an area to work on these sheets. To keep them from rushing through the sheets…when finished with one they have to grab another one and so on.

 Station Ideas:

  1. Number sense ---everything focuses on working with numbers and amounts
  2. Writing---everything focuses on practicing writing numbers
  3. Games---everything is done through a game formate
  4. Playdoh---everything revolves around using
  5. Seasonal---everything uses seasonal supplies such as pumpkins for counting etc..


  1. THank you for all the resources!!! I just posted pics of my room and linked back to here on my graphing wall.

  2. I'm so glad you found the info useful!! I am going to check out your picture! Thanks again and I hope you have a wonderful school year!!


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