Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sums! Sums! Sums!

Whew...we are almost done with this school year and I'm sure your K kids are struggle with the same issues as the ones I see! Boy...does it take forever to get them solving number sentences (equations) accurately and efficiently!!!  I developed a quick little activity I think might get in some extra practice. 

How to use these:  I'm thinking about making it into a booklet, using it as a quick formative assessment, using in small groups, homework, the uses are endless! Most of you have better ideas than me anyways!

So how does it work? The kid solves all the number sentences on the page by writing the answer right under the equation.  Then, they color/circle/whatever you decide each one that has a sum equal to the target number listed in the magnifying glass.  Easy!  Good news is...these are print and go....no prep!!

So...here's the good part....because you took the time to read this post....you can have it for FREE....just follow my blog (you can also follow me on FaceBook) and tell me your favorite thing about getting out of school for the summer in the comment box below this post then (don't forget to leave me your email address) Yipppeee FREE is always good this time of year!!!


Check my TPT store soon for the subtraction version.  Take care and God bless!

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