Friday, November 22, 2013

Recognizing Numbers

Why or why do K kids still have trouble this far in the school year recognizing and writing their numbers?  Core has them writing their numbers to 20 and for some students it seems to be an impossible task!  I have decided to develop a little jewel that I hope will help with the first step to writing numbers...knowing what they look like!!  I made it into a seek and find type of activity where the students have a target number and then try to recognize that number among other numbers.  I have posted a free preview of the product that you can try out.  The whole set to 20 is also available if you want it.  Remember...if your an AMSTI teacher, it's yours free just ask!  Click the first picture to visit my TPT store and grab your free copy!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 the word for this post!!

Hi all!
Whew...I have been busy this past month out in schools!  I really love my job because I get to see all different styles of teaching and ideas!  It is amazing what our kindergarten teachers are doing out in the schools!  Wow! I am just blown away sometimes.  I wish all of you could just travel with me for one day and see what is really going on in our schools.  This post will be full of some neat and free things...I hope you find the ideas useful in your own classroom! 

This first freebie is a sheet I made to use in stations, small groups, or to even send home for parents to play.  It is Roll and Cover...I'm sure you have seen different versions of this game everywhere!  The download includes one mat that is programed for adding two dice together and I also provide a blank version that you can level either down by only using numbers 1-6 for one die or up by using three dice that the students would have to add together before finding the number to cover.
 Click on the picture to grab your free copy.  It looks even better printed in black/white.  Please rate it if you choose to download it.  Have fun!

This next freebie is from one of my very talented teachers...Marisa Frederick!  She is offering this in her TPT store and it is on sale right now! 
Click the picture to see it! Also check out her blog at:
The last freebie is a website full of educational apps.  Some are free and others are paid.  It has a wealth of ideas and is from our technology in motion person here in north Alabama. Check it out!
I hope the rest of your week is fabulous!! 
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