Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Do Some Subitizing!!

So what in the heck is subitizing??  Well, it has been around since the 1940's and comes from the Latin word "suddenly" which is no surprise since that is pretty much how a student performs the skill.  It is thought that humans use it as a short cut to counting.  Research suggest that subitizing is foundational to a strong mathematical background and that young children need many years of practice. 

Click the subitizing definition to see a great article about subitizing

 I have created a free pack using the part-part-whole idea.  The cards in the free pack focus on subitizing.  If you love this pack, be sure to check out my full pack in my TPT store.  Remember if you are an AMSTI teacher just email me and it is yours! I do ask that you rate it on the TPT site if you choose to download it! 

Here is a sneak peek at what the game looks like!! The first picture is how the game begins.  The student picks a card and either counts or subitizes the die.  They build that amount on the first picture and then they or a partner tries to figure out how many are missing from the second  die to complete the whole number at the top of the card.  Super fun and your kindergartners are going to LOVE it!!

The spatial arrangement of sets influences how difficult they are to subitize.  Many activities can promote conceptual subitizing which is the hardest for your students to learn.  An activity that is my favorite is "quick images." Click on the picture below for a great packet of ideas on how to use subitizing in your classroom.

                                    Math Hands

Another great idea I learned this week in a workshop was using "math hands." It is so easy, fast, and practices subitizing...which is the best part!!  Here's the set-up...have your student get their math hands ready.  Ask them to show you 3 using their fingers.  Keep changing the numbers staying at 5 or under.  Then move to using both hands.  The final thing you can do is ask for them to show you 3 using two hands...super hard for them!  For example they could show you 2 on one hand and 1 on the other hand.  I also like for them to show me 4 and then show me 4 a different way.  Fun Fun!!  
I was also shown this idea which is an alternative to doing the straws.  I think it is great because a kindergarten student can actually see the tens bundled together.  Make sure you always let the students do the bundling!!
Finally....for sticking with me through this looooong post...I have another freebie for you!!  I want to give a shout out to Chanda Bartlett from Hamilton.  She made this Pete the Cat out of shapes and she also has a cute Frankenstein for Halloween.  Thanks Chanda for being such an awesome teacher!  If you have something to share, send it my way!! Click each picture to get your copies of both

                                                            Here's a funny for you!!

Take care, God bless, and please leave a comment on your thoughts about subitizing!!

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