Friday, July 5, 2013

Small Group Math Instruction

Hi friends!  I have finally finished the project I have been working on all year!  The framework for guided small group math instruction with a focus on number sense is COMPLETE.  It has been a long process and it would not have happened without some of my dear teachers allowing me to test it out in their classrooms!!  So to all of you that participated...A HUGE THANKS!

So what is it exactly...well let's start with this little statistic...

Did you know???  Number sense is the number one indicator for future math success! This framework is a progression based off Core standards (K and 1st grade) and will provide you with instructions on what to teach in small groups. These steps (0-8) will move a student from the basic understanding of number sense (counting and simple drawings) to being able to record and visualize a number like 17 as one ten and seven ones. The goal is to send students to the next grade with an ability to understand and visualize a more complex awareness about numbers! 

  Click the picture to take a look 

What do you have to gain by using the framework??

•Improves a student’s ability to record a drawing of each number sense model as they progress through the framework
•Designed to be a fast formative assessment that lets you know exactly how well your students can comprehend and record their number sense abilities. 
•Represents what true RTI is all about...moving ALL students not just those that are struggling.
•Based off the CRA model of starting each new skill at the concrete stage, then moving to representational drawings, and finally thinking in abstract terms.
•Provides students with a plan of how to draw a much more complex drawing
•The first and second grade teachers will love you because your students will be coming with a much more higher level of expressing their number sense ability
•Makes students much more self-sufficient

What the packet includes…

•Step-by-step instructions on what you will need to run small groups, small group planning, when to start, exit questions, what to teach, how to evaluate and code, and how to progress students.
•Labeled student examples so you can see exactly how each step of the progress looks
•Small group planning form
•Sample exit questions and blank ones that you can program
•Ten frames that can be used in small group
Remember...if you are one of my AMSTI's yours free!  Just send me an email! 
God bless and enjoy the rest of your summer....I'm taking a break myself...time to play with a 4 almost 5 year old!!

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  1. I am taking on writing math plans for our K team this year. We use Investigations. I am so excited to find you!!! You have some great ideas to help make our Math time better!!! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


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