Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Out and About

I have finally be able to get in schools again!  Yea!  This post will be about all the GREAT things I see teachers doing.  They amaze me everyday and I am so thankful to work with them.  

Let's look at some data anchor charts!! I even got to be a part of the data! 

Let's talk shapes!

These calendar pieces are such a wonderful resource to use.  They allow for you to use the calendar in a more efficient way and cover some core standards.  The pieces are from the Bridges Math Program and are free.  I have all the free ones linked in my tab at the top of the blog called routines.   Once you click to see more resources...look under calendar for all of them.  Click the picture to get the 3-D shape cards.

Nice anchor charts for the kids to use.  These also cover Core standards.  Students seem to have the hardest time with square and rectangle.  My best advice is lots of practice and make your examples of the two shapes very clear in the beginning.

I got to play a little of fill the hexagon the other day...which is my all time favorite game!  I played it different by dumping (as you can see...the kids love it) all the pattern blocks out in the floor.  Each child had to build one way to fill the hexagon when I said go.  It was amazing how well they did.  The students also noticed how their design was alike and different from  each other.

We figured out the 7 ways to fill a hexagon! 

This activity was super and goes well with the book "The Shape of Things".

Oh numbers...How important you are! 

 Great job by the teacher in using the journals or other sources to record toss the chips, counting jar, and today's magic number during stations. It is so important for students to record and discuss their work.  It is our job as teachers to not only meet the Core standards but also the practice standards.  

These are pictures of stations that show part-part-whole.  I love the idea of the students having to complete the missing "part."

 Some of our new Core games from Investigations

Teddy Bear Picnic and Roll and Record Teen Numbers

I am ready for more SCIENCE!

Don't forget to get those pictures of your winter trees!  Most of them are already getting buds for spring.  Be sure to click the science slideshow to the right of this post to see all the neat activities.

Hope you enjoyed this post full of pictures!  I sure enjoy seeing all that you do!  

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