Monday, January 28, 2013

Awesome Common Core Flip Book..Oh My!!!

Okay, I have found the Bible for common core!  This flip book is so nice to keep handy on your desk.  It was put together by Melissa Hancock from Kansas and uses several other states' unpacked standards to form this flip book.  It has many examples and really gives a great understanding of each standard.  I have made mine two ways.

The first way is with the tabs like the directions on the front explain.  I did have to cut a few pages so the tabs would show.  I also had to bind the top in order for it to work correctly. Click HERE to go to the main website and scroll to the bottom.  All grade levels are listed so be sure to share with your school!

I also made it by putting it in a binder.  I tabbed each section and it was a lot easier to make and I think it will hold up better.

Hope you enjoy this little jewel like I have!


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