Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little of this and a little of that...

Wow...has it been a busy month or what? I know all of you are working so hard in your classrooms too! I want to take a moment at the first of my post to tell you THANKS....thanks for working so hard for your students! I remember well not being patted on the back very often, but please know that some of us do notice and appreciate what you are doing! Speaking of all you are awesome Weeden teachers dress up like the five little monkeys for Read Across America Day.

What a great group! Don't you love it??

Again, I am amazed and humbled by all the things I see in your classrooms and from the bloggers I follow. The ideas posted here are not mine...just things I have gathered while in your classrooms or from other blogs. My goal is to pull the things I think will help you all to one place.

I will start with you favorite thing....Pictures from your fellow teachers' classrooms! Click on them to see a bigger view.

This picture is from Ms. Townsend at Vina. I thought it turned out terrific! She incorporated this idea to go along with book 5.

The next several pictures are from my teachers at Weeden. Some of these are the end of Book 4 and start of Book 5.

The picture to the left is of counting jar using shamrocks. This is a great idea for making it fun. Your children should be able work with numbers over 10 now and hopefully can show you several ways to express it. Also, you can use several jars with different amounts to reach all your learners.

I sat down with a student and played a little of my all time favorite game from Investigations...Fill the Hexagon! The other picture is from book 5 the class shape mural. Fun!

Several of you have really taken off with journaling. I will admit it is one of my favorite things about math or science. Two teachers that I would like to brag on are Christy LeDuke and Lana Ward. Both of them have done a fantastic job. The next several pictures are from their journals. I will be added many pictures under the math slide show on the top right of the blog. Click on it to see! If you have any great ideas or pictures....please share!

Now on to the things I have found out on blogs and the new bloggers I am following. Please take a moment to check out their blogs and follow them. This will allow you to see when things are updated on their pages.

Heather's Heart had this freebie up. Be sure to find her on my blog roll and check it out! I also added this activity here. This could also be used for subtraction.

I thought this was really cute for St. Paddy'sDay! It was found at

What a cute activity! I found this at Criss Cross Applesauce. I also added it here.

I get request all the time for reading activities. My focus is to find things that incorporate either math and science. This is super cute! I found it at Grace Hooper Learning. I also included it here.

This activity is just fun! It was found at Live, Love, Laugh Kindergarten. Great blog with lots of freebies!

These are terrific! The bad part is...I can't remember where they came from. I have added them here.

I think that is all for now. I'll be adding new pictures and new items under the math tabs so check back soon. Your comments are a blessing to me and keep me motivated...even at 11:30 PM (as I look at my clock). Please let me know what you think!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello March

Can you believe it is already March? Wow! Where has the year gone? So, I have been out searching for good activities on other blogs and found some great ones to share! 

Aloha Kindergarten blog has put this new calendar up that most of you are using in journals. Find her on my blog roll and download it for free!

Some of you already use these but I wanted to share them with everyone. Bridges Math has these as part of their program. They are to be used as calendar cards. I love the one on the right because it can be taught with Book five 3-D shapes or just used as flash cards. Cube will become part of our COS next year so this will be good practice. The bear cards are for teaching positional words which will also be part of COS. I have posted several other sets here.

How cute is this? "Go For the Gold!" is a lot like racing bears. The directions are on the game board. I really like how the students must use mental math to solve the addition sentence before they can move. The whole game can be found here.

Some of these blogger amaze me! In this activity you use one die for the rainbow board, two dice for the leprechaun board, and three dice for the old lady board. The children can cover them with whatever but I thought gold coins would be fun! This can be found here.

Lil' Country Kindergarten blog spot is terrific!! Please take the time to check out her blog under my blog roll. What a fun way to work on place value! You can find this here.

This is also from Lil' Country Kindergarten. A lot of you loved the one she did for Dr. Seuss so I wanted to show you this one too. Head over to her blog and you can find it under 100 activities on the left of her blog.

Let's talk Science!

With all the changes coming in math it seems to be all that is on the brain! Don't forget to start making those pictures of your spring tree! I found a really cute season booklet for you to use. It can be found here. I would love for you to send me a picture of your spring tree!

I snapped this picture today in Gina Reischman's room at Weeden. Great job displaying a tree through the seasons!

More to come later so check back often! Please leave comments on what you think about the blog! God bless!
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