Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas is in the air!

**I changed the look of my blog today...a little tired of the old look.  If you are coming here to sign up for the email updates it has moved to the right side.  I was trying to make the blog easier to view.  Leave me a comment about what you think of the new look!**

Here are just a few Christmas goodies I found while searching the web. Have fun!

This is crazy good!  Click the picture and then download this ebook.  It is full of links for free stuff complied by many teachers.  Simply click the links and it leads you to their freebies! 

Here are some more number writing sheets for your kidos
Great blog with check sheets you could use to send home to parents about the skills mastered with Core.  There are other grade levels here too. 
Here is also a check sheet you can use for small group or as a way to keep up with a student's progress.

One of my AMSTI teachers, Marisa Frederick has put up a new blog that you need to check out!  She also has several freebies you will enjoy!  Thanks Marisa!

All these teachers amaze me at the great things they develop and put out there free for everyone! 
Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!

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