Friday, November 16, 2012

Is It Turkey Time Already?

Wow! I meant to get this post out much sooner but the sick bug caught me before I was able to finish it.  Yesterday I received a nice shot so hopefully the bug will be bugging on out soon! 

This first site may be familiar to most of you but I just LOVE it!  Everything on the site seems to be totally free and there is tons of it!  For Thanksgiving activities, Click on the "theme" tab at the top of the page and find Thanksgiving under the "T" section.  Get your printer ready!

 The next few activities are focused on math skills involving Thanksgiving themed pages.  Please take note of the authors listed on the pages and thank them for posting freebies! 

These are always so much fun! I have link this to Lil Country Kindergarten's blog because she has others you might want to grab as well.  Be sure to thank her for these great activities!
The next part seems weird to post on my blog but it was just too good not to share!  While working on my EDS degree, I have been doing research on handwriting skills in the kindergarten classroom.  I found these sheets free and they made a huge difference in the students we used them with.  I love how the student practices the strokes of each letter before actually making them.  Enjoy!

The last thing I would like to share is from a blog that I stumbled across.  She has posted tons of great packs for different themes.  I love the weather and polar express pack.  They are pre-k and K so you may have to pick and choose the sheets that would suit your room best.  Again, get those printers ready!

I hope you enjoy all the goodies I have found.  God bless your families and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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