Thursday, June 7, 2012

I have...who has cards

     I have...who has is an activity I often think is forgotten.  These cards offer a lot of benefit to students through the use of many skills. Once a student has developed understanding of the basic operations they need to develop fluency with the facts.   A quick way to include daily or weekly practice and mastery of these basic facts is through the use of I have...who has cards.   They can be created for any topic and can be used either with the whole class or in stations.
     Many teachers shy away from this activity because of management concerns.  Here are a few basic tools to help you with the activity:
  • Distributing cards:   Distribute one card to each student.  If any extras are left, give those to stronger students who can handle it.  The teacher can also take any extras to keep the game going.  As you distribute the cards, encourage students to start looking at their card and deciding what the question will be that will be the answer to their card.  
  • Playing with the whole class:   When all cards are distributed, select the "first" card or any student to start.   Play the game until it comes back to the original card.   That student answers and then says "stop" to signal the end of the game.  If the last card doesn't have "stop" it might be a good idea to add it.  Discourage students from calling out answers when it is not their turn.  Set-up ground rules for how to help those who are unable to answer their card. 
Click on the picture below to see all the different ones I have collected...have fun!



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