Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Time Off...

I really enjoyed my spring break and I hope you did too! I made a promise not to blog and just spend time with family and friends. It was a nice break but I'm back and ready to share some incredible things! I continue to find other awesome bloggers out there so be sure to check out my blog roll. I will be featuring several of them within this post. Also, be sure to follow me on Pinterest. I have many great ideas gathered there too. Just a note to everyone...I will not be traveling at all during May. All the specialist will be locked in our offices working on the new pacing for Investigations, CORE binders full of activities to help meet each standard, and new benchmark assessments for CORE. Be looking for the pacing guide to come out first...hopefully...fingers crossed...before school is out!!

Here is a picture of the new file folders I have made to go along with Investigations and the new CORE activities they have added. You can make the new seven folders to complete your current set. They can be found here along with all the other folders for the Investigation Math. If you are an AMSTI teacher, email for the SuccessNet code which will allow you access to all the free goodies Investigations has made for CORE and the new lesson planner.

Here is another one of these 100 chart activities from Lil' Country Kindergarten blog spot. Click on the picture to get it! Happy Easter!

I really hate when I can't remember where activities come from! This is off of a blog I'm sure. Most bloggers put their info at the bottom of their work but some do not. Sorry I am unable to give credit on these!

Click on the pictures to grab them.
These were taken today in Mary Misner's room from Phillips Elementary. I loved the activity she was doing with jelly beans and had to snap some pictures. Mary started by reminding the students that yesterday they had estimated and counted 34 big jelly beans in the jar. She then asked the students to think about how many little jelly beans they thought could fit in the same jar. She continued to lead them in thinking about will the jar hold more or less? The last chart shows what the children estimated. The best part was when a child spoke up and said, "well more!" Mary asked why, and the child said, "because more little beans can fit in that jar then big beans." It was also great when the students who had estimated in the 30s realized that was too low. Can I get a YES!! This is a perfect activity to demonstrate the AMSTI way of teaching.

AMSTI is not a textbook...it's a way of teaching!

What a super cute activity! I found this at Live, Laugh, Love Kindergarten blog spot. Click on the picture to go to her blog.

I really like this activities. The first activity is from a new blog I'm following called The Polka Dot Patch it is a terrific blog with lots of free things! Be sure to click through her list of labels to find the goodies. Click on the pictures to grab these activities.

Here is a fun activity I found for science from Vickie Plant and her blog called Mrs. Plant's Press. Check it out!

New blogs I am loving...Golden Gang Kindergarten, Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten, and Miss Kindergarten.

That is all for now...please let me know if you are loving what you see! If you have any other good ideas of things to put on this blog, leave me a comment.

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