Monday, April 23, 2012

The end is is almost out!

Are some of you worn slap out? I know most of you are on the count down...can you finally see summer coming? I really enjoy your comments left on the blog so please take a moment and let me know what you think. Some of you are asking me how to follow the blog and leave will need to create a Google account (which is easy and free) this is prompted when you try to leave a comment or join. You can use your same school email name and password. This will not be an email you have to keep up with unless you want to. It will be a user name and password you will only need when trying to leave a comment or join a blog. Hope that helps! If you have an idea or find something good to share on this blog, please send me an email with the suggestion.


While visiting Lana Ward's room this past week, I snapped several pictures of things she was doing in her room. The first picture is where the students voted by adding dried oats with a scoop to the cups. The students were voting for which shape they liked best. They also added either a pink or blue (girl or boy) cube to match their vote and build the attendance stick. The other pictures are from journal entries in her classroom. Click on the pictures to take a closer look! Neat Stuff!

As always, I have found some great blogs and wonderful documents
teacher's have made. Here are just a few I wanted to share. Click on the pictures to get them!

This activity is coloring the scoop with the largest number. Seems easy but with the teen numbers on there it can be difficult. I think this could be a good assessment for you too.

This is a great activity on place value. I know most of you have not taught this concept this year but it is part of the new CORE standards. Click on the picture which will take you to a wonderful new resource I found called FlapJack's Educational Resources.

Data collection is such an important part of the day. The two activities shown focus on data.


Wow...these are awesome! All of you who wanted more number you go! I am also posting for numbers 20-50.

I have such a love for ten frames! Here are two neat activities I found. The first is a ten frames bingo and the second is a spinner activity where the students can either build what they spin or even add two of them together. The possibilities are endless!

Boy have I missed science this year! It has been a year packed with math. Next year my focus will shift back to doing more science in your rooms! I found this easy to understand version of the scientific method with picture clues. This is from a new blog I am following called Wild About Teaching. Click here to visit the blog.

I have added some new blogs to my list so be sure to check them out!

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