Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have been requested to post more here you go!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Christy LeDuke from Guin shared this cute
activity just in time for Valentine's Day.

More Pictures from the 100 Day!
Chanda Bartlett had these cute ice cream cones in her room and Dionne Nelson from T.R. Simmons had this snowman outside her door. He is made with 100 white squares. She drew an outline first with white chalk and the students filled the outside of the snowman first.

Here is a journal template to use for Build It/Change It. You can find it here. I have also added some neat things under all about the number and the ten frames section. This other picture is Melanie Shotts from Hamilton teaching the game to her students.

Stations for Book 4
This teacher has counting jars, build it/build on, built it/change it, racing bears, and a numeral writing sheet. Remember stations are a time for the children to practice what is learned.

These pictures are from the weather kit. The charts are data collection and the flags are made in the kit to test the wind. Great jobs Melanie Shotts!

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