Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh Pinterest...How I LOVE thee!

Yes, I am addicted to Pinterest...probably just like a lot of you! I wanted to share some neat things I have found on there. Please click on my Pinterest button and check out other things I have on my boards for the classroom.

Let's start with a little Seuss! I figured most of you would have Dr. Seuss on your mind with "Read Across America" coming up.

This activity was used as an estimation station but I thought it would be neat to use it for counting jar. Fill the jar with 100 pieces and then count out 20 each day until you reach 100 on Friday. The new common core standard is counting to 100 so why not start practicing now?

The tens and ones activity to the right was a free download I came across. Sorry I am unable to recall which blog it originated from. Click HERE to get your copies!! Be sure to scoll down once on the page and look for Dr. Seuss.  The 100 chart coloring activity is from Lil Country Kindergarten Blog. Click HERE to check out her blog.   Several of the blog are giving away free Dr. Seuss activities so be sure to check them out!
Here is a great site for Dr. Seuss activities:

Free math journal prompts downloaded from Teachers Pay Teachers. I have posted them here. The rest is a few pictures from Lana Ward's room showing journals she has done. If you do not is the time to start! It is the most rewarding activity! Email me and I'll help you get started!

I am showing several different PDF files for all kinds of skills.  I have found a great site for SMART boards or just regular classroom computers. It has tons of math skills that are taught through interactive games. You can find it at: All of these can be found by clicking the pictures. These were free downloads from different blogs and have the author listed. I always want to give credit where it is due!

This was one of the best resources I found! It is a user-friendly Handbook for CORE. I love it and you will too. Best of all...the reading is connected too so when our state adopts CORE for reading you will have it! Click it to get your copy.

I want to end with some pictures from classrooms! Thanks to Lana Ward at Brilliant and Mary Misner from Phillips! Both of you are doing terrific!

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  1. Hey! I just found your blog randomly while Googling Dr. Seuss activities. Thanks a bunch for all the resources! I'm your newest follower :)

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