Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Measurment and Data Everywhere!!

I love all the things I have been seeing lately! Wanted to share a few of the ideas with you!
  • If you would like for me to come and do a short (30-45 minute) talk on Common Core standards and content for you, please contact me soon. I have some days available in February.
  • I have added a new website called TED TALK it has great information on many topics. It is set-up like teacher tube. Be sure to use the search box in order to find the topics you want.
  • I have added tons of new blogs and new common core word wall cards.
  • Two new labels have been added. One for "Teen Numbers" and working with ten frames.
  • Please send me pictures of your students working in book 4.

The first two pictures I would like to share are from Jennifer Humphries' room in Hamilton. The sheet is something she used in stations to measure different things. The stations were set up in categories like toys or school supplies. Each one had a letter on the different objects and the students had to measure them with cubes, sticks, or whatever you choose. Get this worksheet here.  I also saw a teacher measuring with coins instead of cubes...great idea!

Kathy Peoples from Hamilton, had the children trace their hands too. They were then able to measure both hands and feet. She also had a station going when I enter the room where the children were given 5 paperclips and they had to hook them together. Then the children walked around the room and found things that measured 5 paperclips long. Love how these teachers made it their own!

Rochelle Harrison from Hamilton had her children modeling how to measure with sticks. The picture below for Chanda Bartlett's room shows arrow cards used for patterns on the pocket chart. Don't forget to do these types of patterns. Students need to see"wrap around" patterns and ones that are not just colors.

If you haven't started double Venn Diagrams....it is time! Don't forget the most important part...discussion and recording in journals. Also look what a great idea for counting jar! Use dominoes to start making some addition sentences. The kids build the amount but can separate the amounts to reflect the domino.

Here is a lesson from Book 4 I did just yesterday at Vina. "Build On" is like "Build It" from Book 2 just with another step added. I decided that on the first day the kids would see the game we would only use numeral cards and not add the die until later. I also used the red/yellow counters instead of the pennies because I think it is visually easier for the kids to see the "Build On" part. I also added a journal recording by running the ten frames on the copier reduced to 70%. Those type of changes are good to do and please do not hesitate to change a lesson in order to accommodate your learners!!

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