Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New

I hope all of you had a wonderful break! Now it's time to hit the ground running again--I remember that feeling well. We are feeling it here too at AMSTI. Here are a few updates for you:
  • COMMON CORE: The state highly recommends that you start exposing your students to the 8 standards for mathematical practice. They are the same K-12. Please don't wait until next year because I'm afraid it will be overwhelming!! Scott Foresman Investigations has already added all this to their website. You now have access to Success Net where lesson plans can be done and you can see the items in the picture below in printable form. The practice standards are broken down and you can see how each lesson from investigations is correlated to CORE. So, when you teach a certain lesson you will be able to see what practice standard is being taught as well. You can print everything needed or purchase what you see below. The best part is...your school wouldn't have to purchase a thing in order to make you books complete!!

I have added the directions for linking yourself to Success Net (where you can find the items above) under the math area. You will need to email me for the access code because only trained AMSTI teachers are allowed to have it. There are two great websites listed for common core that will be a wonderful resource for you.

  • Unit 4: Wow! This can be a tough book! All that number sense you worked on with routines and during Unit 2 will pay off now. If you are not in unit four, put all other things down and start it! Be sure to remember that there are some smartboard lessons for this unit under the smartboard lesson tab. The first few lessons are on measurement. Kim Rutherford from Colbert Heights shared this letter she sends home. Thought it might save you time so grab a copy here.

  • She also had a great sheet for a reading station that incorporated math. The children roll a die and each number on the die is connected to a certain sight word. They have to say the word and then color the graph just like in roll and record. You can grab it here.  Thanks for sharing Kim!

  • Extras: Found a great website with 100's of worksheets on every subject for kindergarten. You can find it under websites and then 100's of worksheets. Here is a sample of just a few!

Unit 5 will be coming up soon and kids always seem to miss shapes on those benchmark test. I found some good flash cards you could keep by your morning calendar. Click here to get them!

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