Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Hey everyone!Wanted to touch base and remind you of a few things...

  • Book 4 is tough! I know most of you are in the middle of it right now. Here are some tips I would like to share that will hopefully help! I think partner work is essential but if a student is not able to play the game alone then they most likely can't play with a partner. In upper grades we use partners to help teach a game but in kindergarten that always doesn't work so well. Sometimes the best way to start one of the games is to have the student play it alone first with you (the teacher) controlling what is going on. For example: Build On--have the student play using the red/yellow chips instead of pennies like the book states. Take away the die and only use numeral cards 0-6. The die adds another manipulative that sometimes can make the game a little too confusing. Have all the students turn over the first card and "build" that number using the red side of the chips. You can check and then have them turn over the second card (leaving both cards face up so you can see) and "build on" that number using the yellow side. Now you and the student can see if they were able to built it first and then build on which is the goal of the game. Any of the games can be done this way. Please feel free to change the manipulatives if it will make things easier for your students!
  • The lesson, "One more, one fewer" should be right around the corner for most of you. I find this to be the most difficult lesson out of all the books. Wow...it does a fantastic job of teaching adding and subtracting though. Start this game by not using the recording sheet. Have the children turn over the card and then roll the +1/-1 cube as you walk around to each student they must to tell you what the answer would be. Later you can introduce the recording sheet. Also, if this game goes "bust" on you...then put it up and try again later.
  • I have found some more items for CORE including a check list of the content standards on a site called Scribd. http://www.scribd.com/ It reminds me of Pinterest but has documents on it you can download from other teachers for free as long as you also upload and share. Really neat site! I am putting the check list here. Please be sure to email me a request if you or your co-workers would like me to come and share what CORE is all about. I sure don't want it to sneak up on any of you. What I will be sharing does not relate to AMSTI in any way. This information is important to everyone!
  • Several of you have asked for help with technology related items in your classroom. Barry Wiginton is our Technology in Motion specialist. He has a link from his page to tutorials on many subjects including SMART boards. Simply click this link: http://www.una.edu/inservice/index.html and then click on Technology in Motion once on this page click training resources.
  • The new calendar for journals is up for February. You can find it under the journals and then journal start-up. Please note that this was not created with the 29th so be sure to draw that in before you run it off. The Aloha kindergarten page is full of great February ideas. You can access it from my blog roll to the left.

Now for the fun stuff!!

100 days activities

What fun times! Building with 100 cups in Kim Rutherford's room from Colbert Heights and journaling with 100 dollars in Deborah Townsend room from Vina.

Playing Racing Bears in
Kathy People's room from Hamilton!!
One of my all time favorites!

Data on the SMART board in Chanda Bartlett's room in Hamilton. This is me working with the kids...they LOVE the SMART board!

Love these journals using double compare! One side is the child's cards and the other side shows their partner's cards. They put a sentence at the bottom stating which partner had more. Great job Shea Miller from Vina!

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