Thursday, December 13, 2012

One more before Christmas

I am posting one last Christmas activity before everyone gets out!  This was a freebie I found while out blog hopping.  Super cute and fun!

 The 100th day of school will be on us fast so I'm going ahead and posting a few things.  This first one has been linked back to the blog it came from because she does such a great job of explaining it.  The kids are basically making a 100's counting mat.  This would as be great for counting to 100 by 10's which covers a Core standard 
This can be played with a 1-6 dice.  The student rolls and adds that many tallys each time until they reach 100.  It can also just be fun practice of making 100 tally marks.
 New blog for you to visit! It is focused on pre-k through 1st grade and everything is free!  Yippee!
This will be my last post until after the holidays so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas is in the air!

**I changed the look of my blog today...a little tired of the old look.  If you are coming here to sign up for the email updates it has moved to the right side.  I was trying to make the blog easier to view.  Leave me a comment about what you think of the new look!**

Here are just a few Christmas goodies I found while searching the web. Have fun!

This is crazy good!  Click the picture and then download this ebook.  It is full of links for free stuff complied by many teachers.  Simply click the links and it leads you to their freebies! 

Here are some more number writing sheets for your kidos
Great blog with check sheets you could use to send home to parents about the skills mastered with Core.  There are other grade levels here too. 
Here is also a check sheet you can use for small group or as a way to keep up with a student's progress.

One of my AMSTI teachers, Marisa Frederick has put up a new blog that you need to check out!  She also has several freebies you will enjoy!  Thanks Marisa!

All these teachers amaze me at the great things they develop and put out there free for everyone! 
Merry Christmas from my family to yours!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Is It Turkey Time Already?

Wow! I meant to get this post out much sooner but the sick bug caught me before I was able to finish it.  Yesterday I received a nice shot so hopefully the bug will be bugging on out soon! 

This first site may be familiar to most of you but I just LOVE it!  Everything on the site seems to be totally free and there is tons of it!  For Thanksgiving activities, Click on the "theme" tab at the top of the page and find Thanksgiving under the "T" section.  Get your printer ready!

 The next few activities are focused on math skills involving Thanksgiving themed pages.  Please take note of the authors listed on the pages and thank them for posting freebies! 

These are always so much fun! I have link this to Lil Country Kindergarten's blog because she has others you might want to grab as well.  Be sure to thank her for these great activities!
The next part seems weird to post on my blog but it was just too good not to share!  While working on my EDS degree, I have been doing research on handwriting skills in the kindergarten classroom.  I found these sheets free and they made a huge difference in the students we used them with.  I love how the student practices the strokes of each letter before actually making them.  Enjoy!

The last thing I would like to share is from a blog that I stumbled across.  She has posted tons of great packs for different themes.  I love the weather and polar express pack.  They are pre-k and K so you may have to pick and choose the sheets that would suit your room best.  Again, get those printers ready!

I hope you enjoy all the goodies I have found.  God bless your families and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's Halloween Time!!

Don't you just love this time of year! I am so excited about dressing Emmie Beth up in her costume and going trick or treating. I have some great pictures to share and a few good activities. Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Ok Miss Christy…I have created “COUNTING MONSTERS”!!!  Today at snack, I looked over and my kids were counting the number of chips on their desks!!!!  Then they “COMPARED” to see who had more!!!  They are counting everything in sight!!  Literally!!! 
Isn't that great?  I hope your kids are counting monsters....

This first resource is a real find!! Math journals FREE for the whole year! Click the picture to get your copy! Please thank her for sharing such a wonderful resource.

These are awesome math journals for the whole year and for FREE!!! Click the months of the year to get your free set!!

Just a few pictures of some great journal entries I have seen while out and about!

I love these number sheets I also found for free. They are great extra practice! Click on them to get your copies!

The first picture is from Mrs. Harrison's room from Hamilton.  The second picture is from Mrs. Gipson's room at Colbert Heights.  Both are great for practicing tens and ones each day with your students.  You know they will have to practice this skill often in order to master it in kindergarten! 
Let's collect some pumpkin data with those left over pumpkins!

The last thing I want to share is a count down calendar set.  I thought this would be cute to add next to your calendars.

Happy Halloween!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Happenings

Wow!  Is it really October already?  Sorry, it has been so long since I have added any updates! My life and work are really busy right now just like a lot of you!  We at AMSTI are conducting many professional development workshops for the new CORE math.  These workshops are consuming all my extra time and effort.  I am also in school working on my EDs in teacher leader and did I mention I have a husband who is a band director?  Whew...I am running the rat race this fall!  My biggest focus when leaving work is my awesome 4 year old daughter who keeps me very humble and grounded! So, I'm saying all that to say this will be a long post with lots of goodies!  I am also thankful to all of you who follow my blog and visit it often!  It has had over 20,000 vistors in less than a year!  Okay so here goes with the updates and goodies!

First off...I have added a new tab at the top of the page for math/science word walls.  Please click on that tab to get your free copies.

Subitizing...You say what???  
click on the pictures to read more

Most of you are now working in Unit 2.  I saw this really great activity in Marisa Frederick's room from Kilby.  This would go so well with the lesson, "Letters in your name."  

Speaking of letters and numbers...I found a great site that offers numbers and letters on the geo-boards.  Click the picture below to go to this site and get your own copy!  I have seen them in use and they are great!! Also, click on the playdoh number mats.  They are great too!!

 Help for my Envisions friends.  I have not really checked out this link too much but thought it might be helpful to those of you using this program.  Check out this link below.  I also have a correlation guide for Envisions and Investigations if you are interested.

Pinterest Fun

 Click on the picture to visit my Pinterest boards.  There are so many great ideas and resources there.  I have tons of Halloween that would be great for right now! 

 I think this is all for now!  I hope to get better at updating more!  Thanks again for stopping by!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome Back!

It's that time again!! The start of a new school year!  I prayed for all of you this morning and I hope this year brings great learning for all!  The new CORE math seems to be on everyone mind.  I found a great new blog which I have linked under the math pictures on the right side.  It is called Common Core Math Lessons.  Be sure to check it out when you have time.  I have a really neat foldable that you can also make to help you with CORE.  It includes the critical areas, all 22 content standards, and the 8 practice standards.  The foldable is made from a single file folder. Click the first picture to get it!  The practice standards are glued in the middle and on the back.  Please let me know if you need any help with understanding these new standards!
 Many of you are asking about starting up math journals again this year.  I have a page at the top of this blog you can get information from and links to handouts.  I also have pictures and pictures and more pictures...they are located on the right side of this blog in the slide show. 
Here are some other things that can help too...
Check out Mrs. Wills'  blog and freebies by clicking on the picture below:

 This is another site that shares wonderful ideas about math problem solving notebooks. Please check it out!

 I also love the idea of having a BIG Math Journal for your class.  I have some information in my start-up document so be sure to check it out!  You can also click on the picture for directions:

I posted the new CORE math assessment before school was out last year.  You can find it on this blog in my TPT store.  The test only has to be run one time for the whole year!  Yea!  Now saying that, it is a long test.  During my workshops this past week, we talked about giving it a domain at a time.  That would mean giving eight questions or less to a student each week.  Click on the picture to see the test.

Most of you will be receiving science kits this week. These are so important and have valuable be sure to use them! I would love to come and do a little science in your rooms!!  Don't forget the "journals" tab at the top of this page has all the science journals I have made too.  Click that tab or the picture below to get your copy! 

I hope your first week goes well.  I have several new things I will be adding as you start book one in Investigations.  Take care and check back soon!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sweet Summer Time!

Hi all,
I have not blogged in a while because I have been playing mommy! It is my favorite thing to do and I am already missing it greatly!  Here are a few pictures of the things we did this summer!  We went to the circus, ate blackberries from our garden, visited the zoo, and had Emmie Beth's 4th birthday!  

I plan to start blogging more activities and resources again soon.  I am currently in the mist of conducting four different professional developements for school systems within the next two weeks!  Whew!  When I returned to my blog to write this post, the blog had received two awards! Thank you to Janelle Bush and Amy Grout.  Click there names and visit their blogs!

That's all for now!  Check back soon....

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