Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wrapping up the year!

First off...thanks everyone for a supper year! I wish all of you health, happiness, and good things for the new year! This week I have been in Birmingham training for the second time on new CORE standards. AMSTI will be offering a wealth of help and professional development on the new standards. I want to assure all of you that the investigations are on the adoption list and are a complete program. I just received the "pop-in" units for the things missing out of investigations. Kindergarten is good because we have few changes. I will also be fixing all the check list and benchmark test to match the new material in this coming year. Thanks to all of you for sending me your data. It is amazing to see how much your students are achieving! Please continue to send those if you have not. I added a new section on math powerpoints, two great websites---"Make Free Math Worksheets", and "Free Flashcards", I also found another great blog--"Teacher Laura". Here are a few new things from your classrooms that I would like to share.

Mrs. Miller from Vina shared this cute Christmas tree with me. Love her idea of showing different ways of mapping a number.

I snapped the following pictures from Mrs. Ward's room at Brilliant. Love her turkey pie graph and what a great journal idea!!

These are stolen off of Mrs. Harrison's blog (Mrs. H's Kinders). Love the idea of using money to create patterns. You can see more from her blog by clicking on it below.

Here are some great science ideas.

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