Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Big Numbers Song

This is great to use in your classroom. If you will check out my Pinterest (click tab on the left of this page), you can find more! I also just found an awesome blog with lots of free stuff! Check it out! It is called PreKinders and can be located at http://prekinders.com/blog/

Are you feeling the Santa craze yet??

Has the Santa craze gotten to you yet?? Wow, this time of year can be tough and exhausting! Hang in there everyone! Christmas break is around the corner! A few things I wanted to share with you...
  • Don't forget to give your mid-year assessments and send those scores to me.  Go ahead and start giving the test now. If you don't get it completed before Christmas break, it's fine to give it the first few weeks in January. Remember this test is not based off any textbook but the 2009 COS. There are 57 items on the test. We will be changing all the test next year to reflect CORE.
  • Be sure to complete book 3 in math before you leave on Christmas break. Book 4 is hard and will take a lot of time in January and February. There are several game boards and dice that will need to be made for book 4. If you would like me to help with that, go ahead and email me a date for January. I have several SMART Board lessons for book 4. Be sure to check them out!
  • Several of you have asked for calendars with the dates already on them for the math journals...I have found them!! They are now located under the math journal tab. I happened upon them while looking at a new blog called "Aloha Kindergarten." Check it out!
  • I have been teaching a lot of science lately in classrooms...what a nice break from math. If you have slacked off this year on science...let me come help you get started again! Wow...the kids love science and it really doesn't take that much time out of your day!
  • New things added to the blog...science powerpoints and math powerpoints "Fill in the holes" for science (these are activities that "fill in" what our kits do not cover for COS), a leaf booklet for counting (located under all about numbers), shape poem (all about shapes), and counting jar booklet (routines).

Now for the good stuff...sharing of ideas and pictures! These are great activities to add to "Living Things" kit. I have had so many questions about how to do the animal section this time of year. The animal habitats activity shown below can be found in my TPT Store or by clicking the picture. 

These two pictures are of some other activities I have seen in classrooms to support Living Things.

Okay...so I really "heart" this activity! This is a turkey art project but it's more than just art! Each turkey has a number and the children can match the feathers to show the different ways to make that number. You can get it here. This could be done with anything...what about a Santa with a number on his hat and then find all the ways to make that number and add those to his beard? It could be made hard by having several numbers to choose from and the children would have to find the ones that match their Santa. Neat---thanks Guin for the great idea!

This is from "Break the Train." I have the hardest time using the sheet provided with this activity. I know several of you have told me the same thing. While talking about it with another teacher, we decided to try and use the cube strips and have the kids actually "cut" the train where the "breaks" happen. It worked out great and we even added it to their journals!

Don't you just love data! Remember to make it fun!  Christy

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall is here...

It’s fall ya’ll!! I really wanted to update the blog more frequently but just can’t find the time! Isn’t it funny how time is so hard to find in the classroom too? I hear that statement quite often. Remember that you will find the “time” for the important things in your room. I have added some new pictures and documents under the “routine” section. The pacing guide had a mistake with the dates in October. It is corrected and can be found under “pacing and assessment.” According to the pacing guide, you should at least be starting Investigation 2 of book 3. If you are behind, no worries, just be sure to finish the book by Christmas break. The mid-year benchmark test is also being updated and will hopefully be posted by next Monday. I have added two more teacher's blogs to my list. Mrs. Mitchell from Phil Campbell called "KinderKaren" and Marisa Fredrick from Kilby called "We are Kindergarten." Mrs. Harrison's blog continues to have really neat activities and can be found under "Mrs. H's Kinders"...be sure to check them all out! If you are interested in starting a blog, please let me know...it's really not that hard and totally free!!

Both of these pictures are from Guin and go along well with the Trees kit.  I have added some great extra science activities to go along with our kits here.

Here is Tara Darwin’s class from Harlan with their fall tree...so beautiful!

Look what a great journal idea! The one on the left is the teacher's journal and the right is student. Make it fun! I added several more journal pictures under the math pictures to the right.

Counting jar using pumpkin seeds...make it fun!

Mapping the counting jar is not something discussed in the Investigations but is a good technique to use for getting students to record in different ways. This was don
e in September!

Mrs. Fredrick from Kilby shared several of these sheets with me and they can be found here.

Kim Rutherford from Colbert
Heights saw this idea on the blog and used it in her classroom. Glyphs are a great way to use data!

Shea Thompson from Forest Hills shared a picture
of her kiddos playing “What’s Missing.” Lana Ward from Brilliant shared a great idea for this game. Use bamboo place mats and a black marker to make the lines. Easy storage because they roll up. Thanks Lana for the tip!
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